Mycro Keratin – Brasilian


• 90 min treatment
• NO harmful chemicals
• 100% Frizz free
• Restores the hair using all natural products
• Lasts up to 6 months
• Strong, soft, beautiful, healthy and shiny hair
• NO future damage to the hair
• Wash and go



·  The treatment is quick and easy – only 90 minutes of your time!
·  No funny smells or harmful chemicals will be used during the treatment.
·  100% of your frizz will be removed.
·  Your hair will show no future damage or dryness.
·  The treatment combats split ends and restores hair to its natural beauty.
·  Your hair can be washed and styled immediately after the treatment.
·  The treatment can last up to 6 months.
·  The final result is a head of strong, beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.
·  And finally, after the treatment you will be able to wash and finger dry your hair, looking as amazing as if you just had it professionally styled.For the best results, we suggest using the Micro Keratin range of sulphate free shampoos and conditioners after the treatment.