Bionic hair and Beauty was opened by Twin Sisters Rehana and Rushana Ismail in 2003. As a home style salon they focused on connecting one on one with every client.  Thus creating a very personalised relationship with each person entering through their doors. 12 Years down the line this business has grown into a successful hair and beauty company.  With the re-launching of their new spa on Saturday 13th June 2015, Bionic Hair and Beauty sees more than 300 clients a week, making it one of the busier salons in its region. With ladies and gents having their hair done, clients purchasing their favourite retail or clients having their Hair Removal treatments done or even enjoying having age defying treatments done. With the launch of the new Bionic hair and Beauty Spa we will be including waxing, manicures and pedicures as well as introducing the new Serenity LED skin machine. We will also be offering massages, ensuring a full basket of products allowing a holistic feel. All our therapists are fully qualified as well as our Senior Stylists and Owner been a master colourists and precision cutter. We believe you should have an amazing full experience from when you make your appointment via telephone till you leave the door.

Bionic hair and Beauty has built a reputation for been a specialist with hair straighter as we do more than 60 Brazilian blow dry’s a week. Making us specialists in this field. We also do a large amount of blondes and colours. On the other sphere we have the Alma Laser Hair Removal machine going for the past 6 years. Successfully ensuring more than 7 000 clients have enjoyed smoother hair free bodies. We are able to assist 6 of the known skin types with exception to some blondes and red haired types.
We have also introduced the latest in LED technology. The Serenity LED pulse lights. This is a NASA trialled and tested product that assist clients with a variety of skin problems.  From anti ageing (wrinkles, blemishes, spots) to stretch marks, pigmentation scars, eczema, acne, open wounds or even chicken pocs.  Our results are amazing and this has everyone excited and talking. New and affordable treatments with no scarring or snipping.

Then we are also introducing our Beauty Finishing OFFS by offering manicures and pedicures as well as our waxing and massaging. Our waxing is virtually pain free waxing as opposed to conventional waxing. Our wax is the same as those used by celebrity salons in Hollywood. Now bringing us in full circle is our Online Store. We have thus created a one stop shop for all to purchase. Making it easier to purchase your product needed. That gift you needed delivered or even to just let everyone know about the awesome experience you had at Bionic Hair and Beauty via their Online interactive magazine. Or you can follow all the updates and new styles trending.

Bionic Hair and Beauty is not just a salon or spa designed for you… we believe it is truly a salon and spa inspired by you.

So pop in today at 10 Tulbagh Street, Monte Vista, Cape Town, give us a call on 021 559 8107 or send us an email at customercare@bionichairandbeauty.co.za

Bionic Hair & Beauty, Designed for you, by you…