Brazilian – La Brasiliana

Keratin treatments for straight, smooth hair have reached major popularity among Cape Town citizens. These Brazilian keratin treatments are truly “the newest trend in defrizzing and smoothing many textures of hair from curly to relaxed,” as per Bionic Hair and Beauty salon owner who does up to 80 of the La Brasiliana treatments per week

Those who have had keratin hair treatments call them a “miracle” and applaud them for making blow drying and straightening hair much easier for months at a time. But the buzz about the treatments isn’t all positive, mostly because many of the brands on the market contain or initially contained formaldehyde. But as Mauricio Ribeiro, creator of the Brazilian Blowout explains, “[The treatments] have evolved so much. The La-Brasiliana SA is one of the few that also contain collagen to assist with the manageability of the hair.

There are so many keratin hair treatments available now,  so ensure you make the right choice.  We at Bionic Hair and Beauty use the La-Brasilian SA and Marcia Texture.  Known for its nourishing qualities as well as the time our clients save daily on their hair.