Men launches our first men’s grooming range!

Today marks the official launch of, the new male grooming range created by label.m Professional Haircare.

Designed to meet the styling needs of professional stylists, barbers and  clients alike, the range personifies the individualism of those with an urban-led, youthful yet spirited attitude!  So yes – guys with every hair type/texture  can embrace performance without compromise in the form of SEVEN modern essential classics!

Developed by the International Artistic Team who ‘road-tested’  final formulations backstage at the London Collections: Men shows (E Tautz, Baartmans & Siegal, to name a few in January, new is all about easy styling with high-grade ingredients and benefits being key.

Pumped full of cool hair-building botanicals to help soothe and restore whilst supporting healthy hair growth by way of our unique eleMENts Complex, actually works to ensure maximised ingredient penetration through micronisation technology.  Smart hair grooming? We think so!

Well that’s the science bit out of the way, but we know that you can’t wait to find out about what’s in the range – so here’s the checklist!:

Scalp Purifying Shampoo 250ml – Total ​scalp refreshment that invigorates as it cleanses – cool huh?

Invigorating Conditioner 250ml – Lightweight – the way we like it and can be used daily to tone scalp.

Grooming Cream 100ml – Fuels hair to a natural- looking finish.

Thickening Tonic 150ml – Gets you from flat to matt, in no time with definition and volume.

Deconstructor 50ml – Another option for  matt finish fans with the ability to build-in volume where and when you want it.

Max Wax 50ml- For smooth operators – work in this classic Beeswax formulation to groom with control.

Sculpting Pomade 50ml – Want a natural finish with strong hold?  Then this is it! retails from R240 – R500 and is available from all label.m concept salons, TONI&GUY and essensuals salons nationwide, as well as online from today.