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Bionic Direct offers you the opportunity to Financial Freedom. 

We are searching for Bionic Ambassadors to help them grow their net worth through their network. We provide marketing support via our Social Media platforms through educational posts, interactive videos, paid social ads and we even host Bionic events.

We provide additional support with easy, interest free payment options for your clients. This eliminates the uneasy discussion of money. We have thought of it all, so you have complete peace of mind. Grow your business by having other join your team and earn from their sales.

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1. That any monies owed to me may be paid into my account. That Bionic Direct may send any products I purchase to me via courier to the address I supplied.

2. That Bionic Direct, or their agents may contact me via SMS, call or Whatsapp on my mobile number providing it is regarding my orders, client orders or any other reason to benefit me or my persons in my group.

As per POPIA, I do not give Bionic Direct or their agents or any third party any permission to forward my information. Bionic Direct may also not use my details after I have requested them to be removed and agrees to delete all my information once I have requested it.

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